Guest Keynote Speaker - Maui County's 2023 NatlEshipWeek 

Speaker 1
A truly eccentric entrepreneur on February 13, HST 9-11AM via Webex

Jerry has taken many forays into entrepreneurship in his life. There is a term for that… serial entrepreneur. All of this started at the age of 10, when he started the first mobile lemonade stand on the top of his radio flyer wagon in the small town of Fremont, Michigan.

Jerry was always interested in organizing others to a common vision. Most of those organizing events ended up doing some good, while also providing some level of income. When Jerry turned 14, he started a dance band (The Changin’ Times) and became a locally popular wedding band, playing over 70 bookings per year. When Jerry turned 22, he opened the Jerry Houston Music Studio, while continuing to work full-time to support his family. Jerry was to later sell the studio, but he wasn’t done with entrepreneurship.

After working for eight companies, in continually successive roles, Jerry completed his last assignment as a Senior Vice President at the nation's 10th largest premium fulfillment company. Despite all of the success in his career, he just didn’t feel significant… and again entered the world of entrepreneurship.

Jerry’s company began like so many entrepreneurial start-ups, in the dining room of his home. 30 years later, G.M. Houston, Inc. has operated Houston Associates, HPISolutions, Houston Partners International and beginning in 2023, HPI Leadership Institute. All of the business entities have fulfilled Jerry’s “why” to assist people and organizations to maximize their potential.

Jerry’s education was in business administration and operations management. His years in private industry were in Operations Management and Administration. He is certified in a wide range of behavioral science analytics and has been a coach, leadership facilitator, and business consultant. In 2020, Jerry wrote his first book, The Eccentric Entrepreneur, in his efforts to help aspiring, new and start-up entrepreneurs to succeed in their own journeys. Jerry believes in the foundation of Mutual Benefit, Respect and Trust, in all relationships, in and out of business, and in the idea that when you find your purpose, you must live it every day. Jerry is a man of faith and it is this faith that guides him in all things.


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